Ukraine and Russia should make an inventory of all gas agreements, signed for the last 10 years, Party of Regions deputy faction head Anatoly Kinakh told ForUm in a comment.

"First of all, I am interested in the quality of the negotiation, not in terms if its completion. The matter concerns not only the gas price, though it is very important, but jointly with our Russian colleagues we need to make an inventory of all gas agreements, signed for last 10 years minimum," he said.

According to Kinakh, a number of gas agreements exists de jure, but have never been followed in practice. The MP also pointed out the importance to conclude the new agreement with Russia before the end of the year. "To adopt the state budget for 2012 we need to know the gas price for the next year," he underliend.

In Kinakh's opinion, the best variant of solving the gas issue is the formation of a gas transportation consortium. "Such agreement would provide for participation of three sides - EU, Ukraine and Russia. The agreement would also help to balance the interests of the sides, to invest into modernization of GTS and to increase pipe capacity without construction of any South streams," Kinakh summed up.

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