The Cabinet of Ministers has withdrawn the draft bill on limitation of child allowance for single parents depending on their income, PM Mykola Azarov told journalists during his visit to a large family in Kyiv.

"We have withdrawn the draft bill, but it's not the matter. Let's say the truth: there are families which don't need any social benefits. Families with millions of income should be ashamed to take benefits of 3-5 thousand hryvnias form the state," Azarov said.

He underlined that the press did not understand properly the draft bill. According to Azarov, the draft bill does not provide for inspections of possession of expensive property among single parents. The PM also informed he had a talk with vice PM Serhiy Tihipko, the initiator of the draft bill, on holding explanation campaign regarding the draft bill.

As a reminder, the government is revising the conditions of granting state financial assistance. Vice PM Serhiy Tihipko said that government intends to hold indirect check of incomes of citizens for granting them with this or that social payments. From December 1, 2011 expert commissions will use "indirect methods" to analyze income of potential recipients of social benefits in all regions of Ukraine. Since April this method has been used in three regions - Volyn, Kirovograd and Chernihiv regions.

According to the legislation, a single mother or a woman with a child under 3 years old can apply for social benefits at the amount of 30% from the minimum wage or apply for social benefits amounting full minimum wage in income of one family member does not exceed 50% of the minimum wage. The experiment held by the government provides for "individual estimation of income and expenses of every mother."

In official opinion, the results of the experiment in three regions show that only every forth mother really needs social benefits, but incomes of other three allow them living without state support.

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