Speaker of Ukraine's parliament Volodymyr Lytvyn told a briefing he believes that in case of cancellation of deputies' privileges, the MPs will not challenge the decision in the Constitutional Court, ForUm correspondent reports.

Lytvyn noted that theoretically it is possible to challenge cancellation of any privileges, including deputies' ones in the Constitutional Court, as it's has been two times when the Court decreed that the law on state budget cannot cancel other laws, including the ones of privileges.

However, the speaker is convinced that on the eve of the parliamentary elections MPs will not apply to the Court.

"Following the logic, we cannot cancel any privileges, as there is Article 22 of the Constitution, according to which it is not possible to adopt laws that worsen well-being of people. But the decision must be made, and I hope that when we cancel deputies' privileges there won't be many MPs who will challenge the decision in the CC. It's not the time. At least before the elections we can establish minimal social justice," Lytvyn summed up.

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