Children institutions do not follow the established nutritional norms, President's aid on children's rights Yuri Pavlenko told a briefing. Speaking about the results of inspections of organizations for children, including education institution, hospitals and foster homes, Pavlenko noted that children's menu consists of cheap, low grade and subcaloric products.

Pavlenko explains this by low level of financing, when the real financing does not correspond with the numbers set by the government.

The official has also pointed out that despite the limited financing from local budgets there are also the cases of inappropriate use of funds. Based on the results of inspections, prosecution has instituted 515 criminal cases for two months. According to Pavlenko's information, 4.2 thousand officials have been brought to account, including 700 workers of sanitary control departments.

Pavlenko has addressed the Cabinet and regional state administrations with a request to toughen control over products' quality and observation of sanitary standards, established by the state, as well as to provide full and timely financing of alimentation in organizations for children.

The official has also informed that the inspections will continue as President Yanukovych personally controls this question.

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