Participation in protest actions is becoming a profitable business. As a proof 'URA-Inform' edition has published a video, on which organizers of recent protests actions of the opposition are paying the people for their participation in the event.

In you ask Google for "work in protest actions", you will find more than two million offers with phone numbers, dates of events and payment for participation. Having analyzed the market of protests actions, the edition notes that the position of a "payer" is the most profitable: having received the money to pay to participants this payer can "accidentally" forget to give out the entire sum. In such a way some people can "earn" up to one thousand dollars daily.

Another video shows people on a hunger strike, and later the same people are seen receiving food.
'URA-Inform' notes that transformation of protest actions into profitable business discredits the whole idea of political fight and defending interests by means of protests.

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