Tymoshenko’s defense team asks the Kyiv Court of Appeals to consider its motion to change the measure of restraint for the ex-premier.

“I ask the court to consider the appeal to change the measure of restraint for Yulia Tymoshenko to one that doesn’t include incarceration given that there are no grounds to keep her in custody, based on the grounds she was imprisoned by the Pechersk District Court. She can’t influence witnesses, can’t influence evidence because it has all been collected. There are no evidences that she is not fulfilling the court’s decisions. Taking into account Yulia Tymoshenko’s health, I ask the court to grant this motion,” Tymoshenko’s defense attorney Mykola Siryi said during today’s hearing.

Tymoshenko’s defense has also entered a motion to question witnesses that were denied to present evidence in court by the court of first instance.

“I ask to call all witnesses identified in the motion because not all were questioned by the court even though some of them were questioned during the pre-trial investigation. These are people that can provide information that directly relates to the case,” said defense attorney Yuriy Sukhov.

Among other motions Tymoshenko's defense has appealed to reinstate lawyers Mykola Titareno and Serhiy Vlasenko, earlier suspended from the case.

In response to the motions of the defense team, representatives of the prosecution have declared they don't see any reasons for Tymoshenko's release from custody, as well as conducting addition court investigations.

"There are not enough grounds to change the measure of restrain and to release Yulia Tymoshenko from custody," prosecutor Mikitenko told the session.

According to him, there are also no grounds to reinstate dismissed lawyers Titareno and Vlasenko, as well as to hold additional investigation by the court of appeal. The prosecutor underlined the Kyiv Pechersk Court had already made full, unbiased and thorough pretrial investigation.

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