Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn expects the new law on public prosecution to be a result of work of experts rather than politicians.

"The law shall be written by specialists with a wide experience in this sphere," speaker Lytvyn declared, awarding decorations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the personnel of public prosecution bodies.

According to Lytvyn, the respective chapter of the Constitution of Ukraine requires thorough analysis and revision in line with the current situation.

The speaker also pointed out the great importance of the reform of the law-enforcement system and called for adopting a new Criminal Code of Ukraine. The speaker is convinced that the bills on public prosecution, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the concept of the law-enforcement reform shall be scrutinized within one year since the new Criminal Code is adopted.

Lytyvn reminded that ten years have passed since the adoption of the Criminal Code. "It is pretty outdated, and this legislative act requires a new version," he said.

Addressing the personnel of prosecution agencies, Lytvyn expressed gratitude for "their utterly important work." "Your service protects the national interests, so you should possess such qualities as wisdom and experience," he stressed.

The speaker believes that "the law protection activity of prosecution agencies will always serve as a pledge for public respect."

On the eve of the Prosecutor´s Day, Lytvyn conferred the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine diplomas on thirty nominees for contribution to the law order in the Ukrainian state, excellent performance of their duties, and professionalism.

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