President Viktor Yanukovych and President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski took part in a ceremony of laying down the cornerstone of the Polish part of a memorial to the victims of totalitarianism, to be built in the National Historical Memorial Reserve "Bykivnya Graves." The Heads of State paid tribute to the Polish citizens - victims 1936-1941 repressions.

President Yanukovych stressed that the Ukrainian people shares the pain of Poland about the loss of its sons and daughters. "The two fraternal peoples managed to choose the only correct path of harmony, and are now writing new pages of shared history of mutual understanding and good neighborly relations," he said.

"We should continue our cooperation in this sacred cause, condemning the crimes of totalitarian regimes for such tragedies to never happen again in the future. We share a common memory and commitment to the ideals of freedom, peace and humanism. We share a belief in our common European future, built upon shared European values,” he said.

The ceremony attendees paid tribute to the memory of those masaccred in the Bykivnya forest by observing a minute of silence.

The Heads of State also laid flowers at the Memorial Cross and the Commemorative Sign upon the graves of Polish victims.

For his part, the President of Poland thanked his Ukrainian counterpart for the assistance in launching construction of the Polish part of the Memorial to the Victims of 1936-1941 Repressions.

Bronislaw Komorowski stressed the importance of establishing historical justice for the victims of political repressions and honoring their memory appropriately. "Here, we recall not only the pain of the past, but think how to develop the freedom of Poland and Ukraine together, the freedom within an integrated Europe," he said.

After the ceremony, Viktor Yanukovych and Bronislaw Komorowski talked with the relatives of Polish citizens, who had been repressed by the totalitarian regime.

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