Ukraine is concerned over the lack of progress in the negotiations between Russia and the U.S. regarding the NATO missile defense system in Europe, as emphasized in the commentary of Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's statement made public November 23 concerning the situation over the missile defense system of NATO in Europe.

The aggravation of relations between Russia and the United States in the field of disarmament and arms control may leave a negative impact on the effectiveness of multilateral efforts to strengthen confidence and security in Europe, the commentary says, according to UKRINFORM.

In addition, this will not contribute to the national interests of Ukraine, since Russia and the U.S. are Ukraine's strategic partners and guarantors of its security under the Budapest memorandum dated December 5, 1994, the Foreign Ministry underlines.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has called on both countries to demonstrate the political will to find mutually acceptable forms of cooperation on the development of missile defenses in Europe to strengthen global and regional security.

As reported, President Dmitry Medvedev November 23 ordered the Ministry of Defense to put into service a missile warning radar system in Kaliningrad.

The Russian military were also requested to develop measures to ensure destruction of information and control means of the missile defense system. According to Medvedev, in the future Russia may place in its west and south modern strike weapon systems that would provide fire destruction of the European component of missile defense.

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