Former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma does not rule out his return to big politics.

"I was shown the poll results of my chances to get to the parliament of new convocation from certain majoritarian districts. You know, the results are not that bad. As diplomats say 'never say never'," Kuchma said in an interview with

The former President believes that the return to majoritarian electoral systems is mostly justified, as voters complain that deputies have lost the connection with them.

Kuchma also predicts that introduction of proportional electoral system with open lists in Ukraine is inevitable. "We must move forward to European standards, when a deputy representing his party is close to voters and responsible for his promises. Having passed to proportional system in 2004 we got ahead of time and of our readiness to this system. It turned out that the very parties failed and even discredited this system," the politician noted.

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