The situation with Ukrainian citizens detained in Libya remains unchanged, spokesman of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Oleksandr Dykusarov told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, the Foreign Ministry is waiting for formation of a new government of Libya to continue the negotiation process.

Dykusarov also denied information on that the Libyan side allegedly demands ransom for the release of the Ukrainians. "This information is not true," Dykusarov said.

The official underlined that Ukrainians are kept in normal conditions, better than other five thousand detainees from other countries.

Dykusarov assured that Ukraine is negotiating the release of its citizens at all levels: with the revolutionary gangs that control the areas where the Ukrainian citizens stay, with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Libya, who temporarily perform the duties, as well as with representatives of the Libyan authorities in other countries.

"The problem is that the revolutionary gangs, controlling areas with the Ukrainian citizens, are responsible for precisely these areas and those people under house arrest until the government is finally formed. They expect the new government to investigate and solve these cases, in particular concerning the verification of the presence of Ukrainian citizens in this country," he summed up.

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