Ukraine proposes to restart the negotiation process at the level of Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Russia on foreign property of the former USSR, spokesman of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Oleksandr Dykusarov told a press conference.

He noted that the agreement between Ukraine and Russia on legal succession of external debts and assets of the former USSR had not come into force, hence it is not legal to reregister foreign property of the former USSR under the name of the Russian Federation.

"The fact of paying USSR debts by Russia does not lift the engagements, taken by Russia with the signing of the international agreements with Ukraine," Dykusarov said.

He added that Ukraine has a right of possession, usage and management of a part of foreign property of the former USSR following Ukraine's status of a country - legal successor of the former USSR.

"This right is also proved by norms of the public law and by regulations signed between Ukraine and Russia," Dykusarov noted.

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