Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn believes that political structuredness of the society will raise standards of life, he said in the interview to the Expert Ukraina magazine. 

"I am an ardent supporter of the majoritarian electoral system, when political parties nominate their candidates," Lytvyn said. "Then our people won't hate intensely those whom they elect, and the political structuredness of the society will become more civilized."

The speaker is convinced that under these conditions the survival of the fittest will leave not more than ten parties out of the existing two hundred. "Political responsibility will improve, and people will start moving towards higher standards of life," he declared. 

According to Lytvyn, the majoritarian-proportional electoral system, adopted by the parliament, is a compromise.  "The parliament will still become more responsible and stronger," he assured and reminded that the parliament of 2004 was elected under this system.  According to Lytvyn, then parliament acted as a real representative body, demonstrated leadership, and prevented the threat of the civil war.  

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