Orange Revolution had many negative moments, MP from Lytyvn's bloc Oleh Zarubinski said commenting on the seventh anniversary of the Orange Revolution.

"Outburst of many honest people, who were not paid, was buried by the so-called leaders of the Orange Revolution. They buried the people's trust with their corruption, inactivity and wars on mutual destruction. In the end they just did not meet the aspirations of those who stood up with an open soul," Zarubinski said.

At the same time, as a positive side of the revolution, the politician pointed out the experience gained after the events of 2004. "This is an important page of our history. These are lessons we have learned and can use in the future," the MP underlined.

Zarubinski also said he does not believe in repetition of the revolution. "Those politicians speaking on stages...I don't believe anyone will follow them. People don't trust them anymore. Those opposition members have been in power from the cradle. The have created the system, so how can they be attractive?" the MP summed up.

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