The adopted law on decriminalization of economic crimes makes it impossible to detain, arrest or imprison a businessman, President's aid Andriy Portnov said in an interview with Komersant-Ukraine.

"The main idea of the law is to change the investigation procedure. It will be impossible to detain, arrest or imprison a business on any stage of investigation. The new procedure makes it impossible to press on a businessman, to put him in cell and extort money, assets or stocks," Portnov said.

According to him, the document also provides for some regulations, adopted without waiting for conclusions of the Council of Europe. "For example, such measure of restraint as arrest cannot be applied to offenders, who are processed under the articles of the Criminal Code, which provides for punishment less than five years of imprisonment. It concerns not only economic crimes. The exception is when a crime has been committed repeatedly," he noted.

The President's aid underlined that none of the European countries has such permissive responsibility for economic crimes. "If the President signs the law it will be precedent," the official added.

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