The purpose of agrarian reform is to create a transparent mechanism for land turnover based on a single land registry system, President Viktor Yanukovych stressed at a meeting on the occasion of the Agriculture Worker’s Day.

"We should do everything so that land reform protected first and foremost the interests of farmers, prevented them being deprived of their land, allowed them to realize of their rights, stopped shady privatization schemes of agricultural lands," he said, ForUm learned from the presidential press office.

The President said the reform would also work to increase the investment attractiveness of agricultural sector, development of mortgage lending, emergence of viable agricultural products markets, and agriculture support systems of the European level.

"We should finally summon up political courage and responsibility, and bring it to completion. We should solve the problem of historic importance - return owners their land by realizing their constitutional right to freely manage their land," Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

According to President Yanukovych, the implementation of a civilized market of agricultural land will provide an important impetus to the revival of Ukrainian rural areas, development of agriculture, and the economy as a whole.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that in the framework of land reform the Law On the State Land Cadaster has been adopted. He expressed the belief that the establishment of a modern system of land inventory will guarantee the rights of land owners and users, implementation of land management, land use and protection control, establishment of reasonable pay for land.

He also noted that there is another important bill currently pending consideration in the Parliament – the Law "On the Land Market", which is designed to support the development of farming, small and medium enterprises in rural areas.

"I am convinced that lawmakers will ensure the quickest and most transparent consideration of the law. And that the Government will conduct an informing campaign, so that the people could understand the essence of the reform, how good it is for them," he said.

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