A Health Ministry commission is ready to again examine former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko outside jail and conduct an MRI examination if there is a respective court ruling. Ukrainian Health Minister Oleksandr Anishchenko announced this during the "Hour of questions for the government" in parliament on November 18, UKRINFORM reports.

"A ruling of Kyiv's Court of Appeals is needed in order to make an X-ray and conduct an MRI examination. And we are ready to render assistance if we get a Court of Appeals ruling," he said.

The minister said that the penitentiary system was responsible for determining the order of the examination of Tymoshenko and the provision of medical care to her.

He added that Health Ministry experts tried to examine Tymoshenko for over 20 times, but she consented only to five examinations. He said that doctors had examined Tymoshenko and that she was currently receiving medical treatment.

At the same time, BYuT-Batkivshchyna faction deputy Serhiy Vlasenko said that the former prime minister had not received any medical care. "Yesterday I saw her in person, and there was no medical care within two weeks," Vlasenko said. He added that the Health Ministry's commission should draw a conclusion on the need for additional diagnostics. "If they remember the Hippocratic Oath, they should write that it is necessary to conduct an instrumental diagnostics that cannot be done in a detention facility," the deputy said.

Anishchenko, in turn, said that the commission last examined Tymoshenko on November 7 and 9. "They [commission members] recommended an MRI examination and a radiographic examination," he said.

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