The parliamentary majority is ready to support 80% of opposition propositions to the draft bill of parliamentary elections if the opposition factions Our Ukraine and BYuT vote for the draft bill, Party of regions faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov told journalists.

"We are ready to vote for 80% of the propositions immediately, as we support them as well," Yefermov said and added that there is a number of political propositions, which still need consideration in the session hall.

According to him, the proposition to decree that 150 MPs are elected on majoritarian system and 300 MPs are elected on party lists is unacceptable. "Such system is lame and does not have support," Yefremov said.

He specified that the Party of Regions faction is ready to support the participation of blocs in the elections, but only if the oppositional factions vote for the draft bill. Otherwise, according to him, the Party of Regions faction will seek agreement with those factions, which stand against participation of political blocs.

"We are working on that as many as possible deputies vote for the given draft bill. I would be happy if around 300 MPs support the draft bill. It means the absolute majority and it would be foolish to state that the draft bill somehow provides for loopholes to hold unfair elections," Yefremov summed up.

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