For the first time, in accordance with the demand of ecologists of Ukraine, the Kyiv authorities will install 40-meter high artificial Christmas tree on Maydan square in Kyiv.

According to the deputy mayor of Kyiv Oleksandr Puzanov, the tree will be installed December 17.

"The artificial tree will weigh 50 tons, while the real one weighed 7 tons. Decorations will be new, though we don't know yet of what kind. For sure there will be dragons, symbols of 2012," the department said. In response to the question on a possibility for such heavy tree to fall down in metro, the officials assured they would calculate all the risks.

The preparation works to the New Year celebration include new methods of street illuminations jointly developed by domestic and foreign specialists. 

It is planned to organize performance of Ukrainians stars of show business, including Potap and Nastya Kamenski, Iryna Bilyk, Ani Lorak.

As for the New Year fair, the authorities intend to make it more civilized, without trays with sausages, sandwiches or doughnuts.

"This year authorities promised to install real Christmas tents, where people will be able to buy some souvenirs, to drink hot wine or hot chocolate or even to eat some chestnuts," says the head of Kyiv council commission on culture and tourism Oleksandr Briginets.

The Kyiv city administration will not install any rides this year, as last year parents did not let their kids to swing being afraid for them to get sick because of cold metal constructions.

It is expected that the New Year celebration will be financed by sponsors.

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