18-year old resident of Poltava region had mined in 24 hours four state institutions: the main department of Interior Ministry in Kyiv, train stations in Zhytomyr, Dnipropetrovs'k and Simferopol, police official of "Simferopol" train stations Natali Peresada told the press.

November 11 at 17:40 the girl informed the authorities about a bomb in the police department. At 20:30 she "mined" the train station in Zhytomyr. One hour later she told on the phone about explosives on Dnipropetrovs'k train station. And at 21:45 she called Simferopol. Police officials evacuated 320 people in total from these three train stations.

"The phone terrorist" was identified in several hours. "The girl is registered in a psychiatric clinic," Peresada informed.

Police has instituted a criminal case on deliberately false information on a menace to people's safety, destruction or breaking of public property. The girl has been released on her own recognizance. She was also assigned to forensic psychiatric expert examination.

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