Commenting on the draft bill on parliamentary elections, including the propositions of the opposition, speaker of the parliament Volodymyr Lytvyn pointed out the controversial proportion of deputies elected on majoritarian system and deputies elected on party lists.

In particular, he said 150 deputies to be elected on majoritarian system is not a sufficient number. "If only 150 deputies are elected n proportional system, these deputies won't be able to work in big administrative regions, as even the smallest administrative region number more than five districts. How can a deputy work on such big territory? This question requires a compromise," the speaker noted.

In addition, Lytyvn believes that passing barrier for parties and blocs must be different, in case the MPs decide to allow political blocs to take part in elections.

The speaker confirmed that the commission on development of election legislation decided to take the presidential draft bill as basis.

In his turn vice speaker Mykola Tomenko declared the opposition MPs may leave the commission if the majority ignores its propositions.

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