Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko today filed a complaint with the Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv against the opening of a criminal case against Yulia Tymoshenko involving United Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU).

"Today Yulia Tymoshenko’s defense challenged the order opening yet another criminal case involving the so-called state guarantees," Vlasenko told journalists, accoridng to Tymoshenko's official website.

He said that according to the materials reviewed by the defense, there is no evidence of Yulia Tymoshenko having committed a crime. "I think accusing Tymoshenko of killing Kennedy would be more justifiable than this case," he said ironically.

Vlasenko said the complaint was filed today and that he expects the case to be considered soon.

On October 12, the Security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal case against Yulia Tymoshenko under paragraph 2 of article 15 and paragraph 5 of article 191 of the Criminal Code for allegedly transferring to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine $405.5 million in UESU's obligations to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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