Medical personnel of Ukrainian military physician boards beat an alarm because of poor health of army recruits, their ignorance and disorder of logical thinking.

The head of the military physician board of Kyiv Volodymyr Vitkovsky informed that due to "calm" alcoholism, which affects the majority of youth, the army recruits are diagnosed with gastritis, diabetes and ulceration. "Strokes are getting younger, and there were cases of heart attacks at 18 years old," he said.

According to his data, the global computerization and sedentary lifestyle lead to problems with visions among third part of army recruits, while 40% of young men suffer extra weight, and almost all of them are diagnosed with spinal curvature up to 10%.

Except poor health, modern army recruits suffer lack of logical thinking, psychiatrist of the city hospital №1 Volodymyr Shchukin reported. According to him, one of the signs of this disorder is inability to explain the meaning of proverbs. "In Soviet times such inability considered as a sign of possible mental debility, and such recruit was immediately submitted for further observation. We don't do it now: almost all of recruits have problems with proverbs. Some recruits explain proverbs literally, some as they feel like," he said.

In addition the psychiatrist noted that current army recruits are ignorant without exception. 

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