Deputy of the Kyiv council, leader of "The civil active of Kyiv" Oleksandr Pabat doubts Vitaly Klichko takes serious his participation in election campaign. "I was surprised by the news that Vitaly Klichko plans two fights in 2012 - the year of parliamentary elections, elections to the Kyiv council and mayor post. As an admirer of his talent and victories I am happy for him. But doing boxing myself I understand that these fights require 4-5 months of intensive training abroad," the politician said.

According to Pabat, it means that Klichko will not actively participate in the election campaign and will spend the most of the time abroad instead of meeting the electorate.

"Choosing between elections and box Klichko has chosen box. I understand him, but I feel sorry because while Vitaly is abroad multiplying his sport glory, some people will trade the party list and hold elections behind his back. I think Vitaly carelessly rent his name to a group of businessmen, who wants to get power. After the elections these people will disperse, and promises will remain unfulfilled," Pabat said.

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