This year Ukraine is finishing the first stage of work on visa free regime with EU countries, Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Hryshchenko told a press conference in Donetsk.

"We have an action plan to obtain the visa free regime with EU countries. We have agreed and adopted a number of legislative bills, needed for this goal," he said adding the second stage includes creation of infrastructure for technical provision of transparency of the process in order to avoid any misuse.

"The matter concerns biometric passports, as well as live communication among law enforcement, customs and border bodies, which are engaged into control over people's travel between EU counties and Ukraine," the Minister explained.

"We believe we can fulfill the majority of the set tasks within one-two years," Hryshchenko assured.
At the same time he noted there is the third element, connected with political processes undergoing in some European countries.

"There is the third element, which falls outside the scope of the plan - irrational fear of migration process," the Minister explained, but stated that fewer and fewer Ukrainians violate the visa regime coming to Europe and that statistics show fewer and fewer Ukrainians are being denied visas.

Hryshchenko underlined that such results prove "there are no political and there should not be psychological reasons" to delay visa free regime between Ukraine and the EU.

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