The Verkhovna Rada of Crimea has appointed former Interior Minister Anatoly Mohyliov, 56, the Prime Minister of Crimea with 76 votes in favor. In total Crimean parliament numbers 100 MPs.

"Crimea is the jewel in the crown of Ukraine. And I will make sure it shines," newly elected PM said.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov attended the procedure of Mohyliov's appointment.

"President's decision proves the importance of Crimea for Ukraine, as the key minister of the government was recommended on the post of Crimean PM. Of course it is a loss for the government, but nevertheless I, as PM of Ukraine, support the decision of the President, because this appointment is important for Ukraine in general and for Crimea in particular," Azarov said congratulating Mohyliov with his new position.

As a reminder, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych agreed on the appointment of Interior Minister Anatoly Mohyliov on the post of Prime Minister of Crimea Republic, previously dismissing him from the post of Minister for Internal Affairs.

In his turn, the newly appointed PM thanked the President for commissioning him to Crimea and stated he would continue the policy of his predecessor Vasyl Dzharty.

"I am a member of President's team and I will continue the policy, carried out by my predecessor," he told the Crimean parliament.

As a reminder, former Crimean PM Vasyl Dzharty died of serious disease on August 17, 2011. He headed the Crimean parliament from March 2010 till August 2011.


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