The Pension Fund is concerned over significant increase of benefits' pay-off in accordance with court decisions, ForUm learned in the pres office of the Cabinet.

"For the last years the number of benefit recipients has not got the proper payment provided by the law due to limited capacity of the budget of the Pension Fund. Now the courts are issuing decisions on recovery of this money in favor of plaintiffs, including Chernobyl liquidators and children of war," the statement of the Pension Fund reads.

Currently, in accordance with court decisions, 875 disabled Chernobyl liquidators, who appealed to courts, receive pensions in the amount of from 11 thousand UAH to 34.2 thousand UAH, while those, who did not appeal, still get 2400 UAH.

"Ignoring the principle of social justice, the individual beneficiaries are receiving the huge compensations. Only in September 132 persons received more than 200 thousand UAH, and other five hundred beneficiaries received from 100 to 200 thousand UAH each. At the same time millions of pensioners receive small and even minimum pensions," the statement reads.

This year, it has already been collected 6 billion UAH from the accounts of the Pension Fund in favor of beneficiaries, according to the statement.

Press office of the Cabinet reminded that in accordance with the agreement between the government and public organizations, it is provided for 25% increase of benefits for certain groups of people for the next year.

"This is a fair increase for all beneficiaries. However, court decisions which contradict with the capacity of the Pension Fund endanger such increase of benefits," the Cabinet's press office noted.

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