President Viktor Yanukovych promises to correct the deficiencies of the Constitution of Ukraine, he was speaking Tuesday when instating Vitaliy Zakharchenko as Ukraine's new Interior Minister, UKRINFORM reported.

"The constitutional reform is bound to be," Yanukovych emphasized. He noted that the Constitutional Assembly is already established, and it will study issues related to the amendment of the Basic Law, "and correct the deficiencies that are present throughout the Constitution". "Then we will be working with parliament to adopt these changes to the Constitution of Ukraine," the president noted.

The head of state also said that in the near future the regional reform will be initiated Ukraine.

"Soon we will present the program of reforms [regional - ed.] It will take some time, relatively speaking, not a five-year period, because the experience of countries that have passed this way indicates that regional reforms are worthy of significant attention," he said,

Yanukovych added that gradual decentralization of power, gradual transferability of authority to the regions, reset of the center of weight to the regions - this is the main goal of reforms. "As the actual practice and experience shows, it creates new conditions for improving the economy" Yanukovych underscored.

Yanukovych also said he intends by the end of this week to sign a law on the improvement of Ukrainian justice.

The head of state reminded that Ukraine is actively reforming the judiciary. A law to improve the justice system is passed. "Most likely, by the end of this week I will sign it. It greatly expands the capabilities of the Supreme Court of Ukraine," Yanukovych noted.

That is, he said, the reform of the judicial branch was started from the bottom. "First, we have improved the system to a level of appropriate expertise, a qualification commission and the Supreme Council of Justice have started to work, first instance courts now demonstrate that judges have a lot more responsibility than it has been before," Yanukovych said. In his words, more attention was then paid to the courts of appeals, supreme courts.

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