Having checked the department's subscription for the next year officials of the Defense Ministry revealed that the resolution of former Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko on subscription for "Zerkalo Nedeli" (Weekly Mirror) is still in force, Versii reports.

According to Versii, organizations and departments subordinated to the Defense Ministry were ordered to subscribe for "Zerkalo Nedeli' along with the editions "People's Army" and "Battalion of Ukraine".

Versii reminds that owners of "Zerkalo Nedeli" are Hrytsenko's wife Yulia Mostovaya and her farther Volodymyr Mostovoy.

According to estimations of the edition, this subscription has cost the department 300-400 thousand hryvnias for all these years.

At the same time Versii informs that during Hrytsenko's being in office a number of relevant editions were closed by the department.

"Before Hrytsenko's times the newspapers "Army of Ukraine", "Glory and honor", "Wings of Ukraine", subordinated to the Defense Ministry, were criticizing generals, admirals and even ministers not fearing to be punished. The authorities respected criticism and were taking measures to improve...Where are those newspapers now? Disappeared. Once they listened to hooray-patriotic speeches by Yushchenko on freedom of speech and continued their criticism under Anatoly Hrytsenko. As a result, they were closed forever and ever, and journalists were thrown in the street," Versii writes.

As earlier reported by the press, Hrytsenko is also accused of mass and illegal alienation of military towns and objects in the investment-attractive regions of the country. Hence, Shevchenko district court of Kyiv convicted Volodymyr Melnik, former head of the building department of the Defense Minister, proving his frauds with real estate of the Defense Ministry. Melnik got 8 years of imprisonment for illegal alienation of 27 military towns costing 100 million hryvnias. For this purpose Melnik got broad authorities from Anatoly Hrytsenko personally.

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