Party of Regions MP Olena Bondarenko, author of the amendments to the law "On Television and Radio broadcasting", providing for the reduction of the quota of Ukrainian audio-visual production from 50% to 25%, says 50% quota was a draconian measure' for both radio stations and listeners.

"Those who name 25% quota a discrimination norm don't know anything about 50% quota. 50% quota for Ukrainian music was a draconian measure, which was smothering radio. Ukrainian radio stations did have a possibility to form a play list in accordance with listeners' taste. Radio stations could not even fill this quota - 20-25% of Ukrainian musicians maximum," she said.

Bondarenko also noted that 25% quota was a compromise.

"When we were working out this draft bill we wanted full liberalization for radio space, which means zero quota. Then we realized there would be harsh resistance from Ukrainian musicians. We decided to reach a compromise and to set 25% quota for Ukranian music in order to help both radio stations and local musicians. This quota is totally European. There are countries in Europe with 10%, 25% and 20% quotas. Our quota was the toughest. As far as I know France had the maximum high quota - 40%," she added.

"Radio stations, broadcasting jazz, rock and classics, simply disappeared. Others, broadcasting pop music and chanson, are very much alike. Unfortunately, there is not much of Ukrainian product on the market, and of course it cannot be put in line with the volumes of world music fund. It appeared that radio stations were forced to broadcast the same songs over and over again," Bondarenko summed up.

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