This year Ukraine has harvested record-breaking 55 million tons of crops, deputy minister for agrarian policy Mykola Bezugly told the board of Economy Ministry, ForUm correspondent reports.
"Wheat harvest makes 22.2 million tons, including 17 million tons of milling wheat. Domestic market requires only 5 million tons, and the rest will be exported," the oficial said.

At the same time Bezugly pointed out complicated situation in cattle breeding.

"Cattle livestock is reducing. 78% of milk and beef is produced by private enterprises, which in their turn reduce the production under current economic conditions. We set a task to change the balance and to motivate merchant farming enterprises to produce at least half of milk and beef production by 2015. The problem is that a cow is ready for milking after 4-5 years only. Hence, the results can be expected after 2015. It is impossible to obtain positive results earlier due to gradual livestock reduction for the last 20 years. We can refill the livestock by tens of thousands annually, but we still need another hundreds of thousands," the deputy minister said.

According to the official, another problem is slow payback in milk cattle breeding, which is 8-12 years. "Investors prefer to invest in pig breeding and poultry," he added.

"On the whole, food processing industry is way behind the production rate of agricultural complex," Bezugly summed up.

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