The Committee on state building and local self-government recommends the parliament to adopt as basis the draft bill on parliamentary elections, submitted by the majority, ForUm learned from the press office of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the committee, the bill changes the system of electing the MPs of Ukraine from the proportional election system into a mixed majoritarian-proportional one (225 deputies are elected in a single national multi-member electoral district according to the party lists, and 225 deputies in a single mandate electoral district).

The bill takes the following actions: excludes election blocs of the political parties from the subjects of electoral process; sets a 5% vote threshold for the political parties whose candidates are nominated in multi-member electoral districts; excludes the option "against all candidates" from the ballot paper; reads that candidates are nominated in line with the applicable law and the party statute.

The committee recommends the Verkhovna Rada to reject other bills on parliamentary elections, but to include a number of paragraphs from them into the basis of the principle document, while adjusting it for the second reading.

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