A number of mass protest actions will be held today in Kyiv. Kyiv city administration received 15 applications on holding protests actions with 40 thousand participants in total.

According to the information of the main department of the Kyiv administration, the biggest protest actions are expected near the parliament and Perchersk district court.

BYuT representatives will hold a protest action against political repressions with 1 thousand participants. Representatives of the Coalition of orange revolution participants, numbering 30 thousand people, are expected to hold similar action.

Representatives of the Coalition of orange revolution participants together with "Young Batkivshchyna" also intend to hold a protest action near Kyiv detention facility with 5 thousand people in total.

Representatives of "Council of entrepreneurs" and "Chernobyl Union" will hold a protest action in front of the parliament, demanding to prevent cancellation of social benefits. Communist party representatives will stand right next to them, protesting against IMF mission visit.

A number of public organizations will hold protest actions in front of the Kyiv city administration on Khreshchiatyk and in front of Kyiv regional administration.

Kyiv police department informed that totally 16 parties and public organizations declared an intention to hold protest actions with various demands to the authorities.

Police officials address the participants with a request to hold peaceful protest actions and not to violate the law.

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