Interior Ministry has decided that the peace agreement between Roman Landyk and Maria Korshunova, who abandoned any claims to Landyk, does not influence the investigation and prosecution of the case on street crime, ministry official Vasyl Farinnyk informed.

"This case is not a private matter, and no agreements will do. This is public case on street crime," Farinnyk said and added that the victim has a right for moral and material compensation.

He also informed that police department had already investigated the actions of the victim and did not find any crime in them; the prosecution agreed.

As a reminder, the farther of the accused declared in an interview that the girl started first and Roman only reacted to her actions, and that his son is a victim in this case.

In response to the question whether Landyk would be brought to criminal responsibility, the official responded affirmatively.

"Of course, and there will a court trial," he said.

Vasyl Farinnyk underlined that on the other side the position of the victim will influence the severity of punishment, as the court can take into account her opinion.

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