Ukrainian oil refineries face total collapse if urgent measures are not taken, expert of the scientific technical center "Psyche" Gennady Riabtsev expressed an opinion.

"May be earlier," he noted.

According to him, the following measures must be taken: to restart control over fuel on filling stations, which will give 20% of the market; to simplify tax burden for oil refineries, which are now unprofitable, according to the reports.

"It is happening because the state did not have and still does not have a strategy. Unwillingness for modernization from the side of oil refineries' owners and underestimation of importance of this industry from the side of the state resulted into collapse of domestic oil refining. Though, we still have a chance for its resurrection," Riabtsev said.

In his turn, Mykhailo Gonchar, director of energy programs of 'Homos" center reminded that ten years ago the volume of oil refining made 22-23 million tons annually. Now the level is significantly lower, he said.

Gonchar believes there will no total laying-off of Ukrainian oil refineries, but "what we have know can already be considered as a collapse of the industry."

He also noted that laying-off of Ukrainian refineries would be advantageous for importers of Russian vehicles. "These cars run not on the fuel of Euro-3 or Euro-4 standard," the expert explained.

Summing up Gonchar underlined that government's will is needed to modernize Ukrainian oil refining sector.

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