MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Olexander Yefremov told a briefing that the new law on parliamentary elections, which is currently under development, will be consistent with the interests of voters.

Answering the specifying question whether the law would be legitimate without consulting the opposition, Olexander Yefremov said: "Actually, all laws in the session hall are adopted by the majority. Therefore, if there is a sufficient number of votes to adopt this or that law, the adopted document will be considered legitimate."

"As for taking into account an opinion of some individual members of the parliament, of course, it is impossible to take into account all the proposals, because they can be diametrically opposite," the MP said, ForUm learned from the press office of the Party of Regions.

"I have no doubt that the majority will decide on this law, and it will be adopted. And, moreover, it will reflect the views of our voters," Chairman of the Party of Regions faction stressed.

"Moreover, polls say that people would prefer to vote for MPs directly, rather than for lists or for persons, proposed by a leader of this or that political force," Olexander Yefremov summed up.

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