President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych declares that Ukraine has almost managed to reach the pre-crisis level of economy, ForUm correspondent reports.

"For the year and a half we have managed to overcome the administrative chaos and to restore the vertical of power. We are gradually pulling the country out from the economic abyss of 2008-2009 years. Ukraine has almost reached the pre-crisis level of economic development. The people have jobs and salaries," the president said at the international municipal hearings on 'Development of proper management at local and regional levels.'

At the same time Yanukovych stated the world economic crisis still remains a threat to the economic growth in Ukraine. "There are still risks, and we must hold the positive tendencies under the second wave of the crisis. I don't want to scare anyone...We see how leaders of the European countries, US are working to overcome the crisis, which speaks loader and loader," the President said.

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