A survey conducted by the rabota.ua portal found that Ukrainians uphold pretty high opinion of their own level of knowledge of foreign languages.

In particular, one in ten respondents believe that they can speak a foreign language fluently on any topic, and one-quarter of those surveyed rate their level of knowledge of the language as "above average". Less than a quarter of respondents indicated their level of foreign language as basic, and the percentage of those who speak them at an average or below average is respectively 27% and 15%.

Meanwhile, the poll found that 44% of Ukrainians seeking job were refused during an interview on the grounds that their foreign language skills are poor or they speak them insufficiently, UKRINFORM reports.

The percentage of high-confident in their knowledge of foreign languages was 13% - in their opinion, their level of language always corresponded to the requirements set by the employer.

The survey reveals that the most popular in Ukraine as well as around the world is the English language. It is more or less spoken by approximately 90% of Ukrainians who took part in the survey conducted by rabota.ua. Second place goes to German - with 7% of Ukrainians prefer learning it. A small percentage of respondents speak good French, Spanish and Italian.

In addition there is a trend in Ukraine for learning Oriental languages(Chinese, Japanese, Arabic).

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