Promotion of Ukrainian companies abroad is one of the estimation factors of activity of Ukrainian embassies, Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Hryshchenko told a meeting of exporters Council.

According to him, Ukrainian embassies are charged to support economic interests of Ukraine in general and promotion of national projects in the countries of stationing.

"At regional meetings we discuss the ways of cooperation and results achieved by our embassies. It is one of the estimation factors of Ukraine's foreign institution," he said.

Hryshchenko expressed a hope that thanks to cooperation the export possibility and Ukraine's presentation in close and far regions will become more noticeable and successful and will result in Ukrainian export increase.

The minister also informed that for the last four months the ministry has got 30 references from representatives of machine building industry regarding the support of Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. According to Hryshchenko, as a result of the conducted work, 10 machine building enterprises will have access to new markets in 12 counties of Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

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