Member of the European Parliament Adrian Severin believes that the adopted resolution on the situation in Ukraine indicates that recent events will not stop the progress in negotiations on Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

"To be more specific, there will be no compulsory link between the trial on Tymoshenko and the conclusion of the Association Agreement. I think this is a very important message to everybody and it speaks of the fact that this Association Agreement is strategically important not only for Ukraine, but also for the European Union," he emphasized, ForUm learned in the press office of the Party of Regions.

According to him, the resolution "expresses deep lack of confidence and deep lack of trust in the judiciary of Ukraine, but as politicians we are not supposed to act as a Court of Appeal, which entitles to censor the deficiencies of Ukrainian judiciary". "Not at all. As politicians what we can do is to work in order to implement the necessary reforms to define legislation and to prescribe the necessary reforms," the MP specified.

"I do believe that Ukrainian judiciary needs important reforms, these reforms are overdue already. So I think we should live the trial on Ms.Tymoshenko to the judiciary and judges and we know that in the end of the road there is the European Court on Human Rights, so this is the Court that we should trust," the politician noted.

"I think this resolution should be read with optimistic view. And signing of the Association Agreement with Ukraine is important for Ukraine and for ourselves, we want to move ahead with this Agreement… And before the Agreement enters into force we have to use our means of cooperation in order to promote the reforms (in Ukraine)," Adrian Severin summed up.


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