Ukraine may win from a growth of the planet's population, the number of which will exceed seven billion in the nearest days, Professor Dr. Alfons Balmann of the Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe has said, UKRINFORM reported.

"With growth in the number of population, demand for agrarian products is expected. But this is related also to a growth of requirements to quality. I.e. demand will grow not only for grain crops, but for highly-qualified products - meat, vegetables, milk. This will lead to additional growth of prices. Ukraine has potential of the world's granary, which can make a great contribution to an increase of the offer of products in the world. In other words, Ukraine may win from a growth of the planet's population, if it manages to fully realize its potential," the scientist said.

Speaking about the state of agriculture in Ukraine, Balmann noted "Over recent years this state has tangibly improved. But till now there are many problems, both external and internal. In Ukraine, till now there are problems with corruption and observation of legislation. Unpredictability of the policy is a particularly sharp problem."

Nevertheless he believes that despite the expected raise of demand for products, Ukraine will not become the agrarian superpower. "The matter is that Ukraine is only one of the countries among others, in which expansion of agrarian production takes place. Taking into consideration growth of demand, in many world regions money is invested in agriculture. Ukraine may claim for a great part of this pie. But it will not have a decisive influence on the world markets," Balmann summed up.

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