European parliament has approved today the joint motion for a resolution on current developments in Ukraine, offering Ukraine a European perspective.

"European parliament takes the view that a deepening of relations between the EU and Ukraine and the fact of offering Ukraine a European perspective are of great significance and in the interests of both parties; recognises Ukraine's aspirations pursuant to Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union, provided that all criteria, including respect for the principles of democracy, human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, are met," the resolution reads.

According to the resolution, the EP also "welcomes the agreement that has been reached on the conclusion of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and regards this agreement as a solid basis for the possible finalisation of the negotiations on an Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine."

The MEPs also stress that the strengthening of the rule of law and internal reform, including a credible fight against corruption, are essential not only for the conclusion and ratification of the Association Agreement and the deepening of EU-Ukraine relations, but also for the consolidation of democracy in Ukraine.

Speaking about the recently postponed meeting with President Yanukovych the European Parliament called on the Council and Commission to reschedule the meeting with President Yanukovych so that it takes place ahead of the planned EU-Ukraine Summit in December 2011.

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