Ensuring children's rights to education remains an undisputed top priority of Ukraine’s state policy, President Viktor Yanukovych said at today’s nationwide meeting on children’s rights protection. 

"Parents should have a guarantee that the learning process for their children will be improved," he said, ForUm learned from the presidential press office. 

In particular, he noted, despite some progress there are problems in ensuring children's preschool education and there are no significant changes in school education. 

"The percentage of our youngest citizens in pre-school education throughout the state in general does not exceed 56% ... Although the number of such education facilities has increased slightly, they provide services to only about 37% of children," said Viktor Yanukovych. 

Urgent is also the problem of providing access to educational institutions for children with special needs, the President said. According to him, only half of the educational institutions in Ukraine are fully or partially available for these children. 

"That is certainly unacceptable. I would like to re-emphasize the need for cooperation between the government and local communities in addressing the problem of secondary schools network optimization," said Viktor Yanukovych.

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