Ukrainians die 12-13 years earlier than representatives of other European countries, Ella Libanova, the director of Institute of demography and social research said in an interview with BBC.

According to her, the problem of our country lies not in reduction of the population, but in high level of premature mortality.

The expert also pointed out the problem of birth rate. "First of all, children are no longer economically necessary, because economic activity of a family does not depend on the number of children. Secondly, children are no longer insurance for old age, because there is a supporting system for old people. Thirdly, costs of education and care for children constantly rise. The forth reason is the high level of emancipation. And the fifth one is the low rate of mortality among newborns. Earlier, families had many children, as the majority part of them was dying at early age. Now we don't have this problem," Libanova explained.

The expert also noted that not only the number of Ukrainians is reducing, but of Caucasian race in general.

"Population of African and some Asian and Latin American races keeps rising, while the birth rate in European countries does not provide simple reproduction. Every next generation is smaller in number than the previous one," she said.

At the same time Libanova noted that Ukraine is not an isolated territory, that the world is globalizing and migration flows cannot be stopped.

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