Ukraine's state penitentiary notes that former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, in case of her conviction coming into force, will serve her sentence on the usual terms in one of the prisons, official of the state penitentiary Igor Andrushko told a press conference.

"For the moment I don't have information on formation of a separate facility for certain category of persons," Andruhko said in response to the question whether there is any kind of special institution for high-ranked officials.

The official informed that in accordance with the current regulations, a convict serves the sentence in the prison of the region he or she was arrested and detained during the trial. At the same time he noted that Tymoshenko will not stay in Kyiv region, because there are no prison settlements for women.

In his turn, the head of the criminal executive department of the state penitentiary Oleg Yanchuk informed that there is a special prison for convicted law enforcement officials in Chernihiv region.
According to him, this kind of prison was formed for law enforcement officials in order to isolate them from criminals and to avoid any violence taking into account their place of work.

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