Information on new service, offered by Orthodox churches of Kyiv, - confession by phone - has not been confirmed. According to press secretary of the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Georgiy Kovalenko, the journalist, who interviewed priest Serhiy Kosovski, misunderstood or misprinted the information, 'Kievpress' informed.

"The Ukrainian church is indeed working on personal call-center. It would be possible to call a priest and to talk on any spiritual matters, to learn information on cathedrals and services," Kovalenko said.

But, according to him, the confession is not possible by phone, as "every confession consists of two parts: a visible one - the confession ceremony itself, and invisible one - involvement of the Holy Spirit."

"Confession ceremony without personal participation is not possible and not natural for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church," Kovalenko noted.

As a reminder, in an interview with "Segodnya newspaper" Serhiy Kosovski, a representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy, said in November Orthodox churches of Kyiv will offer new service - confession by phone.

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