Serhiy Vlasenko,Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer, believes the criminal case brought against ex-judge Mykola Zamkovenko, who in 2001 released Yulia Tymoshenko from custody, is a government orchestrated attempt to pressure the judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeals, who will hear the appeal of the Pechersk District Court’s verdict in the case involving gas contracts signed with Russia in 2009.

“I’m convinced that the government is using the Zamkovenko case to show the judges of the Appeals Court that they have two paths: one is Kireyev’s path, when with eyes lowered and the sweat dripping you read what was given to you from the president’s administration, and the second is Zamkovenko's path, when after 10 years a case is opened against you,” Serhiy Vlasenko told journalists, according to Tymoshenko's official website.

“I believe this constitutes overt pressure on the court that will hear Tymoshenko’s case. This is another attempt to show Ukraine’s judiciary who’s boss – not judges, but prosecutors and the bosses from the presidential administration,” said Serhiy Vlasenko.

On October 20, the Kyiv prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against former head of the Pechersk District Court Mykola Zamkovenko for alleged abuse of office and crimes against justice while working in the judicial system in 1996-2001.

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