The head of the home land security department of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Oleksandr Mechetnoy told briefing he considers the former leadership of the ministry and Yuri Lutsenko in particular responsible for embezzlement of weapon in Lviv military university, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, embezzlement has become possible because of connivance of the former leadership of the Interior Ministry, under which police officials were conducting inventory carelessly. "The work was organized in such a way that embezzlement remained undetected and unpunished," he said.

Mechetnoy also informed that the chief of the weapons depot was selling guns to third persons, including collectors at 300-400 dollars and automatic guns at 500-700 dollars.

In response to the question who organized the work in such a way the official said it was 'the leadership of the Interior Ministry.' "You know that Yuri Lutseko was the minister back then," he added.

Mechetnoy also revealed that four criminal cases have been instituted and 12 people brought to responsibility.

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