Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka told a briefing that law enforcement officials withdrew from circulation about 2.5 thousand units of firearms during the year, ForUm correspondent reports. But, according to Pshonak, some policemen appeared to be on the other side of the barricade.

He reminded that last month a shortage of 23 units of firearms had been detected in one of Kharkiv police departments. "The pretrial investigation revealed that the weapons were stolen and sold out by the very workers of this department. On this case we have arrested 14 people, including sellers and buyers. All 23 units were returned to the department," the Prosecutor General informed.

Speaking about another case on missing weapons, namely in the Lviv military university, Pshonka informed that the head of the weapons depot appropriated 126 units of firearms and training weapons. "The pretrial investigation on this case revealed that the chief inspector on University's arms is also involved into the crime. The stolen weapons were sold out through mediators to everyone, wishing to buy," Pshonka said.

The Prosecutor General also revealed that yesterday his department established a fact that former official of a prosecution department was involved into purchasing of stolen weapon. "He was detained yesterday and put into detention facility. We are considering his arrest," Pshonka said.

According to the official, 11 people were arrested on this case, and 31 units of weapon were returned to the University.

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