In an interview with newspaper Party of Regions deputy Volodymyr Landyk, the father of Roman Landyk, accused of beating up a girl in a restaurant in Luhansk, declares his son is a victim in this situation.

"The case is falling apart. The girl admitted that she hit him first. Now he is a victim. And police knew that from the very beginning. She also admitted she was drunk. Roman came to her to say sorry for his friend, but she slung mud at him, poured over and crashed his head. Well, he reacted. He also called the police and was holding her till its arrival, as the girl tried to escape. He also signed a statement," the deputy told.

Besides, he pointed out the accident happened not in a restaurant, but in a casino. "And casinos are under police protection. And the girl is a prostitute, working in this casino. She even has her personal website. Go and look at her prices. Hence she is also under police protection.

Landyk-elder declares the case was forged, and the only reason it was instituted in the first place is to disgrace him. "Everything is covered by police. They are making this to disgrace me, because I am the only one saying that the state auto inspection is an organized crime group. And if they rip off even deputies, it means they are protected by Interior Minister," he said.

Volodymyr Landyk also complained that the incarceration conditions for his son are terrible and his health worsened. "He has seven stitches on the head, but authorities of the detention facility don't allow him to see a doctor. They treat him like he killed 800 people. They also refuse to accept home food, saying it's not a restaurant.

The deputy also declared that Interior Minister Anatoly Mohyliov had called his Russian colleague to detain Roman before he was officially on wanted list. "Russia had not issued a wanted list yet but Roman was already arrested. How could it happen? Because Interior Minister of Ukraine called personally. He also asked to put Roman in a cell with tuberculoses sick offenders. When Roman had his left leg swollen, Minister asked those in Russia to cut off both and claim later it was a mistake. Only interference of the farther helped the situation. He went there, made a scandal. Only then Roman was transferred in a hospital. But before he was sitting in a cell with killers. Even now they treat him a killer, putting six guards around," Landyk summed up.

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